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Nygårds Manor house was earlier known as Slubbemåla... Possibly a name of Viking origin.

The main building that you can see today was erected in 1858 according to an inscription on the largest chimney stack in the house, but one can trace the heritage of the estate back to the Middle Ages. Mönsterås importance during the Middle ages can not be underestimated. It is said that it was easier to name the important Swedish families of the time that did not own land in this region, rather than those who did. Slubbemåla itself has had the brother of the famous Swedish st.Bridgit, Israel Birgersson, as its owner.

When saint Bridgits remains were brought back to Sweden they landed the boat, according to the legend, in Timmernabben, a nearby village to Mönsterås.

The treasure of Slubbemåla, found at Nygård in the 20th century, was a medieval silver treasure that can now be seen at Kalmar Länsmuseum. Here lies also a natural deep harbour where medieval coins have been found. On the way to Timmernabben from Mönsterås there can be found the remnants of a Maltese Monastery and of the largest hospital in Sweden during the 1500's, Kronobäck.

Nygårds Estate, as the House was called during the 19th century, was built by the noble family Ulsfsparre of Broxvik. In the Heraldic Calendar of that time, Nygård is listed as the main estate of the family.

Landscape Architect Knut Malte Forsberg, was entrusted to design the gardens and most likely he is also the architect of the Manor House itself. Forsberg is mostly known for having drawn Berzelii Park in Stockholm and the Wooded Avenues in Norrköping. He has also drawn the plans for the park at Nääs Castle, at the time considered to be the most beautiful in Sweden. The park at Nygård was almost completed, some of the features Forsberg included was an artificial lake and bowers.

The plans for the garden were rediscovered just a few years ago after being lost and a painstaking restoration of the park has begun.

The Ulfsparres fell into hard times and the Ernemark family bought the estate. Thanks to the Ernemarks the Manor House has been preserved almost in its original state. It is said that Herman Göring proposed to his Karin here at Nygård and a large oak cabinet with an inscription by Göring himself on the back, stod in the main building all the way into the 1980's. The Ernemark family left Nygård in the 1980's and it since then changed hands a number of times, falling into neglect and rapidly deteriorating. Today Nygård is owned by the Cimini family, dedicated to restore the estate to its former glory.









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